Gardens and Farms

Community Gardens tackle childhood malnutrition head-on by providing impoverished families with healthy organic food and livelihood opportunities. Regional Farms generate revenue to ensure our programs are self-sustaining through the sale of organic produce.

Community Gardens are a safe place where people learn and practice organic gardening. Prosperas provides all necessary infrastructure, tools, and supplies. Instruction is provided on-site where people learn about health and organic gardening methods from knowledgeable instructors. Gardening plots are allocated per household, and household members may tend their gardens after attending the introductory workshop. Those that continue their training further may become certified growers eligible for earning income through the Excess Food for Cash™ program.

Regional Farms are large enterprise-class organic farming operations located within reach of the Community Gardens they support. Regional Farms produce large quantities of quality organic produce that are combined with produce from the Excess Food for Cash™ program and sold to our business partners under the Prosperas Farms™ brand.

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