Prosperas Farms ™ Brand

By selling Prosperas Farms ™ branded organic produce, our business partners show commitment to their community and the environment.

Prosperas is establishing large scale organic farms to sell commercial food under the Prosperas Farms ™ brand with sales revenue used to cover the costs of operations and expansion.

Operational sustainability is a very important component to our overall strategy. We have a goal of being completely self-sufficient after our fifth year of operation. We expect revenue from the sale of organic foods will sustain operations and fund expantion without the ongoing need for new donors money. We respect the sacrafice our donors make when contributing and are eager to show how their generousity will make a lasting impact for generations to come. Please help us in reaching our sustainability goals by donating now.

Prosperas is committed to providing certified organic non-GMO food to the families we serve and to those who buy our products in the marketplace.

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